< According to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO), from 2022 to 2023, Mexico moved from 13th to 9th position among the world's top exporting countries. >
Mexico is a country that stands out for having a great diversification in its production, but also for selling a large amount of such production abroad.

According to data from the World Trade Organization (WTO), from 2022 to 2023, Mexico climbed from 13th to ninth position among the world's top exporting countries. Surpassing the shipping levels of Hong Kong, Canada and the United Kingdom. With a total value of 593,012 million dollars in exports.

"Mexico is an exporting power and, although there are different sources, our country ranks between number 9 and 10 worldwide," said Susana Duque, general director of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE), who envisioned a very promising future in the subject of exports.

"Mexico is doing very well in terms of exports, in 2023 we broke a record in export volume, reaching almost 500 billion dollars, it is a figure that had not been seen before and it is a reflection of how Mexican companies are betting on market diversification," she mentioned.

It is estimated that the manufacturing industry generates 65% of the country's exports, of which 40% are derived from the automotive sector such as auto parts. Eighty percent of Mexico's exports are to the United States, mainly in the automotive sector; however, the food industry also plays a very important role. "Other very strong sectors in the export sector are everything we manufacture, which has to do with plastic injection, aerospace manufacturing, these are the sectors that have more technology, those that have a majority participation. Mexico is very strong in the food sector because that is what we produce the most," he said.

Yoelle Rojas, general director of Nuevo León Home Appliance Cluster (CLELAC).
» Yoelle Rojas, general director of Nuevo León Home Appliance Cluster (CLELAC).

Exports of home appliances

Another product that is manufactured in Mexico and exported in large quantities is household appliances. It is estimated that Mexico is the fifth largest producer globally and that it competes in production and exports with China, mainly, since it is the number one in home appliances, accounting for close to half of the total global production.

"We also compete in the first place with Germany, Italy and the United States," said Yoelle Rojas, general director of the Nuevo León Home Appliance Cluster (CLELAC). It is estimated that close to 80% of the country's exports go to the United States.

The expert on the subject expressed that among the products that are most exported from Mexico are, in first place, two-door refrigerators; in second place, washing machines; and, in third place, air conditioners. "It is an industry that will continue to grow in Mexico. Especially because of the opportunities that nearshoring will open up. We expect to maintain an annual growth rate of 4-5 percent between now and the end of this decade," he said.

Car exports

According to information from OEC World, during 2022 Mexico's main exports are: automobiles; computers (automatic data processing machines); auto parts and accessories; and cargo trucks or vehicles for transporting merchandise. In 2022, Mexico exported US$48 billion worth of cars, making it the No. 5 exporter of automobiles in the world.

The main destination of cars exported by Mexico is: the United States with 34.1 billion dollars; Germany with 3.61 billion dollars; Canada with 3.59 billion dollars; Belgium with 1.15 billion dollars; and the United Kingdom with 911 billion dollars. While, in the case of computers, Mexico exported 39.3 billion dollars in computers, making it the number one exporter worldwide.
According to the OEC World, the main destinations of Mexico's computer exports are: United States with 36.8billion dollars; Canada with 227 million dollars; Brazil with 215 million dollars; Japan with 161 million dollars and China with 159 million dollars.

Susana Duque, general director of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE).
» Susana Duque, general director of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE).

Auto Parts Exports

According to OEC World, during 2022, Mexico ranked third in exports of vehicle parts and accessories. In first place is Germany with 62.052 billion dollars; China with 49.263 billion dollars, and Mexico in third place with 38.208 billion dollars.

Francisco González Díaz, executive president of the National Auto Parts Industry, commented that the country exports a large number of electric-electronic parts. "In recent months, exports of harnesses, steering, transmissions and engines have grown. Tires are also expected to increase their exports," he said, adding that Mexico produces all the parts that go from fender to fender in a car.

The expert commented that 87% of Mexico's exports go to the United States and 3.1% to Canada, with the rest going to China, Brazil, Europe, Japan and Korea, among others. "Mexico has managed to grow its auto parts exports over the years, thanks to the competitive advantages that the country has, such as having the largest neighboring market, and, above all, the geolocation axis to Europe, North America and South America. In addition to the human talent and the country's suppliers," he said.

In addition to auto parts, the country also stands out for obtaining, during 2022, the first place worldwide in the export of motor vehicles for the transportation of goods or delivery trucks, reaching a figure of 29.1 billion dollars, above the United States, which exported 19.96 billion dollars, and Thailand, with 9.479 billion dollars. The main export destination for these vehicles is the United States, followed by Canada, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Food exports

The country not only stands out for exporting manufacturing and industrial goods, but also for its rich, high-quality foodstuffs. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexico ranks first in the world as a producer and exporter of limes and lemons, in addition to being the fourth largest producer of grapefruit and the fifth largest producer of oranges.

During 2022, it is estimated that Mexico exported more than US$852 million in lemons, followed by Spain with US$775 million and South Africa with US$547 million. Mexico also stands out for planting and exporting avocados. The volume, quality and productivity of Mexican avocados have allowed the country to stand out as the leading international producer and exporter among the more than 64 avocado-producing nations.

Since 1994, the country achieved the first position with 31,495 tons. It fought for this position with Israel, Chile, South Africa and Spain. However, it did not give up and held on. And for 28 years, the country has held this position.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development indicated that, during 2022, our country exported to the United States a little more than one million 028 thousand tons of the fruit, of which 94.7% corresponded to fresh whole avocado, 3.8% to guacamole and 1.6 percent to pulp. The combined annual trade value of the products totaled 3.138 billion dollars.

In addition to lemons and avocado, the country also exports large quantities of other foods, such as 2,261 million dollars, pepper with 1,158 million dollars, beef with 1073 million dollars, berries with 927 million dollars and walnuts with 769 million dollars. The country also stands out for having the first place in tomato exports. As of 2022, Mexico exported 2.74 billion dollars.

Beer exports

Beer is Mexico's most exported agri-foodstuff in 2023, after our country sold 6,163 million dollars in this product abroad, according to Banxico data. It is estimated that of every dollar of beer exported by all countries, just over a quarter is exported by Mexico.

Since 2010, Mexico has positioned itself as the world's leading exporter, surpassing important beer exporting countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 2022, Mexico exported 5.95 billion dollars worth of beer. And according to INEGI, the main country to which Mexico exports beer is the United States.

One of the companies that exports beer is Constellation Brands, with recognized brands such as Corona and Modelo, which is growing and in Veracruz, the construction of a plant is expected to be ready in its first stage by the last quarter of 2025, according to estimates by the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC).

In this regard, Stephanie Bauer, Director of Foreign Trade of Constellation Brands Mexico, said that 100% of the production of the plants in our country is exported to the United States. "The brewing industry in Mexico is one of the most important worldwide in terms of volume and export figures, and Constellation Brains plays a key role in the export of this finished product to the U.S. market," she said.

The brewery has two plants, one in Coahuila and the other in Sonora, while the third plant is under construction in Veracruz. The plant in Nava, Coahuila, produces around 1,200 shipments per week and the plant in Obregón, Sonora, generates between 40% and 50% of the total volume exported. "Veracruz starts as a brewery with 3 million hectoliters in production with growth potential, so that is the projection, it is the first phase and is where the company is devoting its efforts," she explained.

The specialist projects a growth in exports by 2024 due to the increase in beer consumption in the United States. Constellation Brands holds the brand license for Corona and Modelo in the United States to import, market and sell, exclusively and perpetually.