Raúl Lizarriturri Martínez, new president of the Querétaro Automotive Cluster, announced that this year Dana de México will manufacture 110 last-mile electric trucks in Querétaro, which contains 30% of Queretaro parts.
< In 2022 this automotive company achieved a production of more than 50 electric trucks and in the current year will increase manufacturing above 50 percent. >

"This year we are going to achieve 110 trucks approximately under construction (...), we have a large part because the structural part that is heavy and in voluminous number I would tell you 30% is made in Queretaro in fact, which is very important," he said. Lizarriturri added that the assembly of this 100% electric truck is being done in one of Dana's plants in Mexico City.

"It is going very well, we started with a very discreet market and this year we have grown almost double, we thought that the project was finished, it still continues next year, and well, without generations that we will be seeing that they are changing, but it was a success, people are starting to receive it better every day," said the president of the Cluster.

He delved that this electric truck is original equipment, which is used for the last delivery or city use because the charging points are not highly developed.

"It is a last-mile cargo truck that delivers soft drinks, beer, that type of truck that is mounted with a light box and makes the delivery," he said.

The trucks are distributed in the United States, considered as vehicles of social and environmental commitment because depending on the number of batteries that are placed they can reach up to 200 miles.

Presentation of the electric truck

On the other hand, Dana de Mexico's supply chain expert commented that this electric truck began to be shown at fairs in our country, where a lot of interest is shown.

"It was recently presented at an expo that exhibits commercial vehicles in the city of Puebla and causes a lot of excitement," he said. To conclude, he mentioned that this type of technology is migrating very fast and that the entity will play an important role in electromobility.
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