GNS Automotive Mexico will expand its supplier portfolio, due to the competitive advantages of national companies.

< The automotive stamped structural components company will expand its supplier portfolio. >
At the moment, the company is looking for domestic automation and control suppliers that offer quality and good delivery times.

"We are looking for both automation and control suppliers, and we are also looking to expand our supplier portfolio in order to have better prices, delivery times and quality of service," said Luis Alberto Dorantes Rico, buyer for GNS Automotive.

Another of the products that are consumed is steel, which he considered that sometimes the price is high and it is difficult to locate suppliers of this raw material.

Luis Alberto Dorantes Rico, buyer of GNS Automotive Mexico.
» Luis Alberto Dorantes Rico, buyer of GNS Automotive Mexico.
"The problem I see in the automotive companies is steel, it is very difficult to get it in Mexico and it is more expensive, so we have to import it from abroad," he said. He estimated that 80% of GNS Automotive Mexico's suppliers are national, which allows for better communication and to take advantage of the benefits of savings on customs duties.

Among the requirements to be part of the GNS supply chain for the plant located in San José Iturbide, Guanajuato, are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. "We are looking for them to be trained in ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, which is the environmental certification, so that their company is sustainable and we can help both the company and the country," the buyer recommended.

Supplier selection

The purchasing leader commented that the selection of suppliers varies according to requirements and is done through a tender, which evaluates aspects such as quality, delivery times and price.

"I ask them according to my client's needs, we give them an RFQ and it tells you all the scopes we need for a project, a service or a material. The first option is to send a request to the company and from there I make a tender and see how well the supplier deals with delivery times, prices and quality of service," he said.
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