< The French company has become the largest employer in several cities in the country, including San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Ciudad Juarez, Rio Bravo, Puebla and Toluca. >
Due to the start of operations of Valeo's Technology and Development Centre in Querétaro, there are about 100 vacancies for profiles related to research and development in the automotive industry.

"We are looking for more than 100 new hires for this year, we are already well advanced because we started at the beginning of this year and they are technology profiles, software development, hardware development, everything that has to do with research and development for the automotive industry," said Alberto Villalpando, national director of Human Resources for Valeo in Mexico. He explained that Valeo recently turned 100 years old, so it is a company that has very solid foundations with values such as ethics, professionalism, empowerment, teamwork and transparency.

Alberto Villalpando, national director of Human Resources for Valeo in Mexico.
» Alberto Villalpando, national director of Human Resources for Valeo in Mexico.
In addition to the solid orientation in key behaviors such as being agile, acting with determination and having a united orientation as a Valeo Team, which helps them in the personal and professional development and training of their employees. "We are at the heart of the automotive revolution and we have a very clear purpose, which is to be able to collaborate and contribute to making mobility safer, cleaner and better connected," he said.

Valeo's mission is the decarbonisation of the planet, as not only a business goal but also a human one; he added that they are looking for people who can connect with this cause. "We need some specialized profiles that with this knowledge and experience can help us leverage the fundamental work of the Development Centre, but we are also opening many opportunities to men and women as well, we are very interested in profiles of women with engineering."

Job opportunities also apply to young people with little experience, as Valeo has a very robust coaching and training program to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need.



For the French-owned company, human talent is one of its fundamental pillars and in order to retain its staff, it has welfare schemes that include flexible working hours, committees for a culture of mutual commitment, among other actions. He explained that, through these schemes, the best conditions are offered for staff to train, grow and develop both personally and professionally.

"And the other is to obtain the commitment of the collaborator, so that together, we can make this goal of innovation in the automotive industry a reality". In conclusion, he pointed out that the French company has 13,800 employees nationwide and in the coming years the goal is to reach between 17,000 and 18,000 jobs.
  • Functional Safety Engineer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Quality PTM
  • APU Quality Engineer
  • Project Buyer
  • Maintenance Eng.
  • SIOP/MPS analyst
  • Metrology Technician
  • Electronic System Engineer