< The French company is looking for people who want to work remotely in the area of technology-focused engineering. >
Erika Durán, Atos Recruitment leader in Mexico, announced that Eviden is a French-owned company, a world leader in sustainable, reliable and data-driven digital transformation, which is looking for people eager to grow in our country.

He explained that Eviden is part of the Atos Group and that the French company has been present in Mexico for more than 15 years, with offices in Mexico City and Nuevo León.

He pointed out that the new vacancies correspond to the growth of the company in Mexico, from where it serves customers globally. To date, Eviden has about 1,500 employees in our country.

Erika Durán, recruitment leader at Atos in Mexico, highlighted that the new vacancies stem from Eviden's growth in our country.
» Erika Durán, recruitment leader at Atos in Mexico, highlighted that the new vacancies stem from Eviden's growth in our country.
The human resources expert mentioned that the vacancies are remote for the engineering area for recent graduates and with experience, in which English is essential at least above 60%, derived from the fact that the company serves customers globally such as the United States, Europe, Canada, among others. Eviden is looking for helpful people who want to grow in Mexico, with an openness to learn and adapt.

Erika Durán emphasized that they follow up on candidates' applications with remote interviews.
To retain human talent, Eviden offers benefits above the law, hiring is done directly by the company and employees are treated in a way that values their collaboration. Internal growth is also offered and the work is remote.

In conclusion, the Atos Recruitment leader in Mexico considered that there is a need for schools with more advanced technologies to provide students with more tools and avoid bringing in talent from other countries.

"We do need more schools with more advanced technologies, those vacancies are very important right now that we are bringing from other countries and that do not yet exist here, that would be a very big boost for the industry," he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that in March 2024, Eviden, the Atos Group's leading business line in digital, cloud, big data and security, opened its new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Monterrey, Mexico, to provide advanced cybersecurity services to companies in North and South America.

Employees in Mexico:

About the company

Eviden, with annual revenues of around €5 billion, is a global leader in sustainable, trusted, data-driven digital transformation. It serves all industries in more than 47 countries and employs 53,000 world-class talents.
  • Mainfraime System Programmer
  • Support Engineer
  • On-site support technician
  • Information analyst
  • Terraform GCP Engineer
  • Financial Business Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer - Selenium/Java Sr
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