< The Korean-based company is confident in the ability of domestic talent for the administrative areas of the company and announces its vacancies. >
The automotive supplier Hanon Systems is looking for talent for its plant located in the municipality of Apodaca in Nuevo León. The company is looking for administrative personnel as well as operators.

"We are looking for personnel for the materials area, senior metrology engineers, quality engineers, among others," said Elisa Mendoza, the company's human resources manager.

To be part of the Hanon Systems family, employees must have completed a degree or bachelor's degree and have experience in the automotive industry. In addition to experience in the positions, Hanon attaches great importance to the proactivity and sense of urgency of its employees.

Elisa Mendoza, human resources manager at Hanon Systems.
» Elisa Mendoza, human resources manager at Hanon Systems.
"Integrity and ethics are very important. We are looking for high energy and dynamism among candidates who want to join the company. In addition to high compliance and staff focused on meeting objectives in the best way," said the human resources expert at Hanon Systems.

Development programmes

"In the last year, there has been a lot of focus on training and development for our employees. From leadership issues to the technical training necessary for the development of their position," said Mendoza, who highlighted that, in order to develop its talent, the company has an annual training plan, which follows up on the preparation of each collaborator.

In addition, they have an internship programme, in which each intern enters with a project that is documented, and which is followed up and accompanied.
Staff employed:

"Interns present at the mid-term and at the end of the internship. We launched this programme nine months ago and it has been very fruitful. We are looking for the people who are most in tune with the company to be able to position themselves, when the opportunity exists," Mendoza added.

NL operation

Hanon Systems has a plant in Parque Finsa Apodaca, where it manufactures water pumps for electric cars, as well as petrol pumps. It is worth noting that the company is a direct supplier to major carmakers. The plant currently employs around 420 people.
al 28 Junio 2024
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  • Customs Supervisor
  • Sr. Metrology Engineer
  • SQE Engineer
  • Controls / Automation Engineer
  • Costumer Service MP&L
  • MP&L Supervisor
  • Master Production Scheduler
  • Cost Accountant
  • General Accountant