With the purpose of improving the growth and development strategy of its supply chain in Mexico, to remain competitive and efficient, the multinational company is looking for regional suppliers.

Ricardo Sanchez, Carrier's regional category manager.
» Ricardo Sanchez, Carrier's regional category manager.
Ricardo Sanchez, MBA regional category manager at Carrier, said that as global logistics have become more challenging and regional growth has become part of nearshoring, they are looking to increase their regional supplier base. "Having reliable suppliers in Mexico gives us a competitive advantage, so we are looking for new business partners that follow our values and meet our expectations as a leading global company," he said.

Currently, the company requires suppliers that offer diverse processes in plastics, rubber and insulation, as well as machining and stamping. "We are looking for long-term relationships with suppliers that are close and capable of meeting our demands," said the supply expert. To be part of Carrier's value chain, suppliers must have ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, as well as IATF 16949. In addition, they must meet high standards of ethics, professionalism and constant pursuit of innovation.

Choosing the best supplier

To choose its best supplier, the company has a supplier search and development area, which evaluates, together with interdisciplinary quality and engineering groups, the skills and capabilities of each potential supplier in the region."An audit is conducted at the supplier's facilities to assess their administrative and production processes. Initially, the supplier must evaluate themselves. We provide recommendations on necessary changes to enhance their processes if needed. Our team evaluates the cost, quality of processes and products, delivery times, and specific category requirements.
Subsequently, product testing is conducted to validate quality and functionality, ensuring the selection of the best supplier," explained Sanchez. He added that the time in which a supplier is developed can vary, depending on the level of the supplier and the complexity of the product.

"If you start with it from scratch, it can take six months to a year depending on its progress and controls. But if it is one that complies with the standards and has everything necessary to be a supplier, its integration can take six months, approximately," said the expert on the subject of inputs.

The company in Mexico

In Nuevo León, the company has six plants and specializes in the production of HVAC equipment for the commercial and residential sector.
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