For Wire Co, human capital is of great importance, because it is thanks to them that the daily work of the company is generated, both in the operational and administrative areas, as well as directors.

Valeria Azuara, Human resource business partner of Wire Co.
» Valeria Azuara, Human resource business partner of Wire Co.
"Without the support of all the people we cannot function and serve our customers," said Valeria Azuara, Human Resource Business Partner, who indicated that the human resources area and the entire organization, are focused on generating labor inclusion campaigns, in which they promote the integration of women to the production area and other areas.

"Before it was believed that the metallurgical and mechanical sector was only for men, but now this is different, we have managed to incorporate more women to our operational area, as well as people with disabilities. We are becoming an inclusive company.

Wire Co. is a company committed to the development of human talent, which is why it has programs to promote the training of all its employees. "All employees have access to certain courses that can help us develop our full potential," said the talent expert.

The company currently has several vacancies, including those for production supervisors, purchasing coordinators, product engineers, among others. To apply for Wire Co. vacancies, candidates must have experience in the position they wish to apply for, as well as a teamwork attitude.

"We are looking for people with attitude, as the skill can be developed. It is also important to us that they know how to work under pressure, and that they want to be part of a great company like Wire Co," he said.

The company has key fundamentals that govern its operation: teamwork, responsibility, determination, transparency and curiosity.

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Wire Co is the market, manufacturing and technical leader in the manufacture of steel and synthetic wire ropes for various industries, such as aeronautics, maritime, space, military, heavy industry, energy and many others.
Employment in Mexico:

  • Operators
  • Purchasing coordinator
  • Production supervisors
  • Purchasing trainees
  • Product engineer