In order to have competitive suppliers capable of exporting, Heico is looking for suppliers of various commodities, such as machining, sheet metal, plastic injection, die casting, among many others.

"We are looking for suppliers for all the business units we have, mainly for our plants in the United States and Mexico, as well as in some other parts of Europe," said Irving Ramirez, Heico's supply chain sourcing manager.

< The company requires suppliers capable of exporting, as inputs are mainly for its operational headquarters in the US, and some in Mexico. >
Because the company's supplier development is relatively new in Mexico, the percentage of domestic inputs is very low, however, they are already identifying suppliers to grow their domestic base. "It's a new area, so we attend supplier meetings and we are looking for companies that can serve us in the country. We currently have about six suppliers and the idea is to expand the presence of Mexican inputs to 25% in the next three years," Ramírez said.

To be Heico suppliers, they must have a basic quality certificate such as ISO 9001:2015. The supply manager commented that 95% of the inputs the company seeks in the country are for its operations in the United States. For this reason, it is necessary for suppliers who are candidates to apply for their requirements to have the IMEX certificate.

Irving Ramirez, supply chain sourcing manager at Heico.
» Irving Ramirez, supply chain sourcing manager at Heico.
For Heico, environmental, social and ethical responsibility are paramount among its suppliers, which is why they are looking for companies that match these values.

National operation

The company's operation is divided into four groups. One division focuses on applied solutions, one on industrial, one on construction and one on metals. In Mexico, Heico has three plants. One is located in Mexico City, one in Matamoros and one in Tijuana. It also has operations in the United States.
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