The company specialized in stamping metal parts, Tuercas y Candados (TYCSA), trusts in Mexican talent, and is looking for specialized personnel for the operational area.
Currently, the company has 20 vacancies, some of them in the positions of general assistants and operational personnel.

César Salazar, Human Resources Coordinator at Tuercas y Candados (TYCSA).
» César Salazar, Human Resources Coordinator at Tuercas y Candados (TYCSA).
"However, we also have specialized vacancies in the area of machines and tools," said César Salazar, Human Resources coordinator.
To be part of the TYCSA family, employees must have certain values, among which we can highlight respect, punctuality, honesty, teamwork and spirit of service.

"But, above all, they must have experience in the position, academic training in technical areas, come to add to the work teams, commitment to contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives," said Salazar, who explained that the company offers job stability, as it is a company with almost 60 years in the market.

For TYCSA, the development of human talent is of great importance, since its processes require skilled labor, for example, in the CNC machining of parts and in the manufacture and maintenance of dies. That is why the company is committed to internal training.
< The company specializing in dies is looking for personnel for its operational headquarters located in Nuevo Leon. >

"We are a company that offers specialization. Here they can learn not only in maintenance, but also in manufacturing. We seek the professional development of our collaborators," said Salazar, adding that TYCSA sends its technicians to various training courses to specialize in the area.

Operation in Nuevo León

From its plant located in the municipality of Santa Catarina in Nuevo Leon, the company has a capacity from 35 to 400 tons in manual and progressive processes; CNC machining of special parts, as well as design and manufacture of manual and progressive tooling, engineering changes and preventive and corrective maintenance on existing dies.
From here it serves the electrical, electronic and home appliance sectors.

  • -Machine and Tool Technicians for Die Setter positions.
  • -CNC Lathe operators
  • Electro-mechanics
  • -Quality Inspectors
  • -Press Operators
  • -General Assistants.