For FIH Mexico Industry, having suppliers that offer quality products, competitive prices, delivery fulfillment and a forward-looking purchasing strategy is essential.
FIH's Purchasing Director, Chihuahua plant, announced that the maquiladora industry owes a lot to its suppliers and highlighted the advantages of having a closer supply chain.

Purchasing Director of FIH Mexico Industry, Chihuahua plant.
» Purchasing Director of FIH Mexico Industry, Chihuahua plant.
"The company seeks adaptable (suppliers), it is a Foxconn philosophy, adaptability to change, that they are flexible, that they respond quickly and are willing to grow," he said.

The executive mentioned that purchasing has changed, so the company requires a supplier-buyer relationship that becomes a partnership.

Supplier selection and development

The supply chain specialist stated that in the selection and development of the purchasing relationship there are different phases: to establish a need, identify potential suppliers; conducting a study and an audit.

"We meet the suppliers, evaluate them, send them some forms to identify their capabilities, choose them and then establish the relationship, establish expectations, projects, when I expect the product, we try to give immediate feedback," he said.
< Foxconn group company engaged in electronics manufacturing and repair requires domestic suppliers to become business partners to develop and achieve goals with a win-win relationship. >

The company requests legal documentation that accredits the supplier, a structure or identification of some basic functions such as a sales department, customer service, quality, production and deliveries.

On the other hand, he explained that FIH Mexico Industry requires suppliers with presence, willingness, customer service, fulfillment of commitments, solutions, improvements and ethics.

Regarding quality, he clarified that they do not request ISO certification, however, they do require suppliers to have knowledge of a quality system and to be involved in environmental standards.

Tips for suppliers

The purchasing expert recommended suppliers to have control in production so that the buyer can know the phases, as well as change management; in addition, good inventory management, quality control and continuous improvement.
Among the actions that a supplier must avoid, he mentioned as the main point to sell and disappear, to not show up for an appointment or to be late, and to not give an answer to a problem.

Suppliers are also asked to include four points when sending e-mails: who you are, what you do, what your strengths are and where you are located.

"Do not send heavy files because they go to trash, no executable files, pdf preferably with little weight, put suppliers of something in the subject line," he recommended.

About the company


Established in Taiwan in 1974, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) (TWSE: 2317) is the world's largest electronics manufacturer. Foxconn is also a leading technology solutions provider and continuously leverages its software and hardware expertise to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.

FIH Mexico Industry has business units that provide repair and refurbishment services for smart and feature phones, set-top boxes, navigation, tablets and fixed wireless devices, as well as some other electronic products.

In addition, it has a manufacturing business unit with PCB assembly, testing and final assembly of GPS devices and other electronic devices.
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