CNH México´s purchasing manager announced that they are looking for national suppliers of four direct material groups: metallic, mechanical, electrical and chemical.

< Due to growth, CNH México, the company known as the giant of agricultural and construction machinery, seeks potential national suppliers of parts and products. >
"We have the need to locate suppliers, we bring imported parts and with the issue of the pandemic and the increases in freight it was very difficult and expensive for us to have the movement of shipments on time" explained the manager.

He estimated that 48% of CNH Mexico's supply is national; 20% from the T-MEC region, that is, the United States, Canada and Mexico, and 30% from Europe and Asia. And the expectation is to increase the nearby supply.

"We are looking to relocate the 30% that we bring from Europe and Asia to Mexico, to have nearby suppliers that help us improve the supply chain and prices," he said.

The purchasing specialist explained that the Italian company implements a strategy to quote exclusive parts for the plant in Querétaro, however, suppliers will have the opportunity to achieve potential growth.

“It is the springboard to start supplying other plants because once they know and develop the supplier, the other plants in the group also turn to see the suppliers, it is something potential for them to start supplying because they may also have growth potential for export ", said.

In addition to direct inputs, the company also seeks suppliers for indirect products and services.

"48% of the parts are in Mexico, but we are focusing on those that come from imports, these are the ones we are looking for, we are putting together the tractor assembly part, the component and spare parts part, three businesses, it is quite the opportunity for suppliers”, he assured.


ISO 9001, production capacity, quality, the Parts Approval Process or PPAP, as well as competitive prices, are some of the requirements for suppliers seeking to join the CNH supply chain.

"Excellent quality, that they meet the specifications and requirements that our plans bring, that the parts comply with the PPAP process and at a competitive cost, we are going to do the analysis as purchases and find the competitive price and that the suppliers have technical support" , explained CNH México´ purchasing manager.

If the supplier meets these requirements and becomes a potential candidate, CNH performs an evaluation at the plant, through an audit.