Due to the growth of the plant located in Reynosa, and the new business focused on electrification, BorgWarner has some open positions.
The company that from Tamaulipas produces electronic engine controllers, electronic engine controllers transmission, fuel pump, 4x4 and inverters, requires engineers for the process area for global engineering team, electrical product, mechanical and test equipment, as well as production superintendents, among others.

The company, which has had a presence in Mexico for more than 50 years, is seeking personnel for its plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
» The company, which has had a presence in Mexico for more than 50 years, is seeking personnel for its plant in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
To be part of the BorgWarner family, candidates must have a professional degree, bilingual Spanish and English skills at a conversational level, as well as experience in the position to be applied. They must also be aware of the values that the company promotes, such as inclusion, integrity, excellence, responsibility and collaboration.

"Our process is based on our values but it is also very important to ensure that our employees meet the required competencies in each of the positions we are looking for, within the process you will find competency-based interviews conducted by the owner of the vacancy, human resources and support interviews, then through a selection committee the decision is made," said Leticia Rabiela, director of Human Resources of Reynosa Plant, who added that for BorgWarner, talent development is crucial.

"We are sure that the most important resource is our people, all our processes, product development, value creation in the business, comes from what each of our employees performs every day," said Rabiela.
< Due to growth, the automotive company BorgWarner, has vacancies in its plant located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. >

And to develop its talent, the company carries out various processes, in which talent is evaluated and calibrated at the local, regional, and global levels by plant managers and the human resources area.

"Employees with high potential and who are in a succession plan are evaluated, always taking care in these processes to maintain our values of inclusion, integrity and excellence",commented the Human Resources manager, who added that these processes even determine upcoming promotions or movements between locations, business units and different countries in order to have a continuous development for its employees.

"In addition, at the Reynosa plant, the Training Needs Detection process is carried out every year, which is the guideline for the Annual Training Plan for all employees at our plant," he said.

Who is BorgWarner?

It is a global company of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market, with corporate headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan USA.
As a global product leader with over 130 years of experience, BorgWarner supplies original equipment to nearly every major automotive OEM in the world.
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Employees in Mexico:

  • Process Engineers for Global Engineering Team
  • Global Engineering Test Equipment Engineers
  • Electrical Product Engineers
  • Mechanical Product Engineers
  • Test Equipment Engineers
  • SAP Power user
  • Production Superintendents
  • Financial Analysts
  • Buyers
  • Process Integrator Engineers (Maintenance Area)