For Whirlpool Corporation, people are its greatest asset and the best differentiator, and that is why they promote professional development.
Diversity and equal opportunities is a value by which the company is governed. For Whirlpool, differences are the factors that provide the diversity of thought, ideas and innovation needed to be successful.

Susana Zazueta, Ramos Arizpe plant manager.
» Susana Zazueta, Ramos Arizpe plant manager.
"We believe that differences make us stronger, so we build an inclusive, diverse and rewarding culture. We value all people regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical ability, thinking/leadership style, or any other visible or invisible diversity," said Susana Zazueta, director of Planta Ramos Arizpe, who emphasized that for the company, it is also very important to have innovative practices that promote a positive and collaborative work environment, constantly working on the training of our human capital.

Whirlpool develops and trains its employees and fosters growth in the organization.
» Whirlpool develops and trains its employees and fosters growth in the organization.
"We stimulate, channel and enhance the positive impact of our professionals," he said.
Yossel Villalón, Sr. Manager of Human Resources at the Ramos Arizpe plant, commented that people are the basis of everything; they are responsible for impeccable and customer-focused execution.

"We work with passion and a winning spirit to create trust in our stakeholders in order to improve the quality of life at home for our consumers," said the HR expert.
As part of the actions they implement to stimulate the development of their people, is to promote training, so their collaborators annually attend 45 hours of training on professional development, ethics, leadership and functional topics.

"We also seek to link the organization with its community through Whirlpool Networks, some of these are: Pride Network, Green Network, Young Professionals Network and Women's Network. In this way, we stimulate the development of our people in a professional, but also personal environment and with a sense of social responsibility in the community", said
Villalón, adding that they also implement the Kaizen Power Pitch, in which different teams compete, seeking to encourage employees to deliver and pitch projects with a better understanding and much deeper application of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology.

Talent development

Whirlpool is known for providing development and growth opportunities for its employees.
"All of our vacancies are evaluated to identify whether internal talent is ready to fill them, and approximately more than 60% of our open positions are filled by our employees. However, those vacancies that we are not able to fill internally are published on our official website," said Susana Zazueta.

To be part of the Whirlpool family, the company requires its employees to be aligned with its philosophy and work culture, which is based on the values of respect, integrity, diversity with inclusion, one Whirlpool and a winning spirit.
According to the general manager of the Ramos Arizpe plant, Whirlpool will be creating new jobs in 2023, due to its expansion project.

"We have created some key positions for the development of the expansion project, mainly engineering positions, which have been key to develop the first phases of the project," she said.

The company in the world

Whirlpool Corporation is committed to being the best global kitchen and laundry company in the constant pursuit of improving life at home. We have 56 technology research and manufacturing centers around the world and a presence in more than 170 countries with 61,000 employees.

The LAR North region includes Mexico and the countries of Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region. In addition, Whirlpool Mexico has close to 12 thousand employees distributed in five plants located in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon; Celaya, Guanajuato and Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, three technology centers and commercial and service offices throughout Mexico.
< Whirlpool is known for providing development and growth opportunities for its employees. And it is still looking for more talent to reinforce its family in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila. >
Employees in Mexico:

  • Superior technician
  • General operator c
  • Production Operator BM
  • Analyst Talent Acquisition
  • Analyst Engineering
  • GCD Senior Designer