Jose Landeras, Secretary of Economic, Business and Tourism Development of the municipality of San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, announced that in the second half of this year two new automotive companies will be installed in this demarcation, in addition there will be seven expansions of other companies.
< The new investments represent an amount of approximately 200 million dollars and the generation of 1,200 jobs by the end of 2023. >

"Companies from the automotive sector are arriving, they are medium-sized companies, there are two of them (...), there are also expansions coming from the manufacturing sector. It is estimated that within a year they will be starting up, we believe that 1,200 jobs will be generated in the automotive and manufacturing sectors," he explained.

Landeras mentioned that the new investments are of American, Canadian and Japanese origin."Good things are coming for San Juan, also in the food sector and there are seven business expansions, they are companies that are already established and are growing, especially in the expansion of equipment, infrastructure, automotive and electronic equipment," he said.

The official detailed that these projects will generate an important revenue for the industrial sector in the state of Querétaro, of around 200 million dollars, however, this figure may increase.

Impact of electromobility

He commented that electromobility has a positive impact on San Juan del Río, where 123 small and medium-sized companies that supply the 24 assemblers installed in Mexico are located.

"With this score that the United States has just made on electric cars, it is going to benefit Mexico a lot, we already have an electric company, but (...) the Chinese are ahead of us in this electric part, then the United States are getting their act together and this is going to benefit San Juan a lot," he said.

The municipal official added that in this municipality there is a company dedicated to wiring and plastic injection, in addition to the new projects that will be added to the subject. "Everything in the blowing part that these cars carry for the anchorage where these batteries that are lithium and various components go, that is going to be produced in San Juan," he added. At the end, Landeras said that an investment will also come from Korea, however, the supply of electricity delayed the project, so he hopes it will soon be resumed.