Due to Motum's growth in the country, they have specialized vacancies.
The company, manufacturer of telemetry devices, is looking for engineers in systems, mathematics and computer science, as well as personnel for the sales area.

Telemetry device manufacturer Motum has openings in its Mexico operation.
» Telemetry device manufacturer Motum has openings in its Mexico operation.
Lourdes Carmona, director of Human Resources of the company added that these vacancies are for various states where the company has operations, such as Veracruz, Guadalajara, Puebla and Queretaro.

"In the case of engineers, we require personnel oriented to generate reports related to the technical part and utilities for the client, who is the decision maker. It is a remote position and if you have experience translating the technical part to the business part, that would be great," he said.

Among the values Motum is looking for in its candidates is a passion for "wow", that is, the ability to surprise and amaze the client, colleagues and suppliers.
"That employees can generate this experience is incredible, as is innovation," Carmona commented, adding that it is also very relevant that people are incorporated and can work as a team, and that they are continually creating and innovating, thinking of new ways of how to improve and do things faster.
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Development and training

The company is in continuous training of its staff, both at a technical level, tools and even soft skills.
"In terms of career planning we are developing some plans so that people can grow within Motum. And even though we are in development, we have already had the case of several people who entered the production area of the devices, and who now work as managers in another area. This means that at Motum there is an opportunity to grow," said the HR director.

"We are looking to grow, we expect profitability to increase our sales by six times, but with the help of the best talent."

About the company

Motum is a telemetry company that manufactures devices that are installed in tractor-trailer fleets.
"It's a whole ecosystem of connectivity to protect cargo transportation. The device connects to a platform that we also designed, which sends a signal about the route, distance, fuel, impact of the entire unit," said Carmona, emphasizing that it is a device that helps minimize theft in fleets, as customers have control of the units with satellite tracking.

The company, with 12 years in the market, serves customers such as Daimler, Bachoco, Fletes de México, among others.

Today, the company has offices in Veracruz, Guadalajara, Puebla and Querétaro.
"In the latter location we manufacture some products," Carmona pointed out.
Employees in Mexico: