With an investment of 1.1 billion pesos, the Austrian company and world leader in the production of injection molding machines and automation, will expand its operations in the state of Queretaro.

< The project envisages the manufacture of high-quality injection molding machines. >
Engel's human resources director, Gerhard Stangl, reported that the project involves the manufacture of high-quality injection molding machines and the creation of 310 new jobs. During a meeting with state authorities in Vienna, Austria, company representatives discussed Engel's operational status in the state.

The company's executives emphasized that Engel is shaping the plastics processing of the future with the development and production of machines, technologies and digital solutions. They also emphasized their responsibility for the environment and the potential opportunities of the Circular Economy for the production of molds.

Gerhard Stangl, Head of Human Resources at Engel.
» Gerhard Stangl, Head of Human Resources at Engel.

They both have been developing solutions for sustainable plastic processing for more than 15 years, which not only reduce the environmental footprint of its customers, but also increase their bottom line.
In this regard, the head of the Executive Branch, Mauricio Kuri, presented Querétaro's energy project and both parties discussed with interest the strengthening of the company's supply chain.

About the company

ENGEL's main office in Mexico is located in Querétaro, a center for service, distribution, training and technological development. The company has the ideal machine concept for every application, with products ranging from 28 to 5,500 tons of clamping force, with the possibility of being customized for each customer: hydraulic, electric, horizontal and vertical.
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