< The company founded in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, is looking for suppliers that can meet delivery times of no more than four weeks. >
The company Steel Transformation and Solutions is looking for new suppliers, who are reliable in order to have long term ties and that do not extend in delivery time.

"We make automotive racks, we have clients such as Ford, Volkswagen, for whom we make their racks where they place their parts and we are looking for suppliers of bars where their automotive parts are seated, we are also looking for screws," said José Guadalupe García, purchasing representative of STS.

He explained that 80% of the company's supply is national and that they also consume steel and safety equipment, among other inputs. In the case of steel, he said that the price is very changeable and one of the measures he takes is to verify the costs in the market.

José Guadalupe García, purchasing representative of Steel Transformation and Solutions.
» José Guadalupe García, purchasing representative of Steel Transformation and Solutions.
The continuous improvement engineer mentioned that one of the indispensable requirements to supply Steel Transformation and Solutions is the ISO 9001 standard, which is based on customer satisfaction. "It is vital because it is in charge of the quality management system and its main function is to seek customer satisfaction. As a supplier, it is necessary to have it, because it audits your processes, seeking customer satisfaction," he said.

Garcia commented that this standard contemplates continuous improvement and includes certain measures such as an evaluation of supplier performance, certifying them and customer satisfaction surveys.

The supply chain specialist said he is open to receiving business cards or information regarding the products offered by the supplier, in order to follow up if they match the requirements. "In this case we need to have a minimum of three certified suppliers of the product we want to make, we mark it, we develop it, we give them a privacy notice and we send them some drawings so that they can quote us," he said.
Domestic suppliers:

Talking about the capacity to supply STS, he said the key is to ask the supplier what their volume is and then provide details on the quantity.

Experienced company

In conclusion, the purchasing representative stressed that the company has been in business for more than 25 years and the relationships sought with suppliers are long-term.
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